Thursday, March 5, 2015

~ Don't Stay In School ~ BoyInABand ~ My Opinions ~

A few days ago- I came across a YouTube channel- and I was honestly amazed! I couldn't come up with reasons to why I haven't found him a long time ago! The name was "Boyinaband" who also goes by the name Dave.

Dave is interested in a variety of music- and with one of them being rap- it brings up our topic. He recently uploaded a video called "Don't Stay In School". As bad as the title may sound- it actually proves a point. He talks about how we are learned about math- science- etc., but not the things that matter most and how we can change our schools today.

I have a few opinions on this- and I hope you enjoy!

#1 Everything Dave says is TRUE

Yes- Some of the subjects learned in school will help in real life- but what about major things- like renting a house, taxes, getting a job, etc.

I don't really know where else to go with this- but since in class were doing an argument essay- I think I should show this to my teacher and see the diversity of opinions in class. Maybe if we build this up- the world can be a tad bit smarter!

As always-  Ninca here! And Im out!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

-[AWKWARD SILENCE]- & New review! Updates and more

   Hey guys...I really had not been up to my blogging as usual, but its okay, dont worry, Im alive. I just really haven't gotten anything but, I got money from christmas, so expect a few things coming up. Here I have, A REVIEW! A WII-U REVIEW! I am so happy to do this, so hopefully, its worth it. I'll also be mentioning some of my art, since I, I dont know...But Lets get STARTED!

   So for X-mas, I got the Wii-U. If you dont know what the wii-U is, and what it consits of, I would read the info below!

What is the Wii-U?
The Wii-U is a new Nintendo Game sytem that consist of two parts. The console, and gamepad. Its a collab of the things nintendo has made in the past few years. So It has many things which I thought was cool.

Where can I buy? How does the packaging look? Does the console come in different colors, ect?
The wii-u can be located in any techy store. We got ours at Best buy, but it can also be found at walmart, toys R us, and ect. The packaging is diffeent, based on what you got. We got the Black wii-u, Which comes with 2 games. Each Box, as I heard, comes with a game or not. So far, in my area, we've found the Super Mario Wii-u, but in other areas, I guess has different games. As with Colors, so far only black and white are out.

Now lets get onto the Gamepad review!

Below is the labeling of the wii-u gampad:

Next is the Console!

The back:

Pretty Much thats it. I dont own the pics, Just the Description. I think I'll do a different update on my art in another blog, so its easy to, configure. But anyway, I am Ninca and I am Out!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hey..I just came back. SORREH

                                                                        Hey Bloggers!

        I know I haven't been doing any blogs for 2 months. I wanna explain this two you. Thing is, I didn't really have anything to blog on because I had school test and stuff. I also am working on something REALLY important with a couple of friends and its really hard doing all these things. So, I apologize. I'm still planning on what to do. From tutorials, stop-motion, reviews. I have to get a camera for photos, its just, so busy. I'll try to blog this weekend. If  don't, its because were going to a party and then my dads birthday is right after that, BUT, I'll try and blog when I can.

Sorry for no blogs for two months. I'll get it on it right away. Also, I am working on a story. I have a figment account. The link will be below and you can read some! In the meantime, I am Ninca and I will see you next time.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Last Bratz Review!

       Hey guys!! So, so far Iv'e only had about 2 doll reviews and it was all about bratz. I plan to do the dolls i have then what i don't have because i don't have the doll from my own point of view. So, MONSTERS have entered my blogs. You all know it, MONSTER HIGH. You will enjoy my Monster High reviews because I have some OC's that will be shown so, I cant wait to share my art with you so, lets get started!
   This is Shira! She is another doll from the Bratz Action Heroes Line! She was released in the 2010 bratz anniversary I believe. So they brought her back for another round! Show us what you got Shira!

  Makeup: Again, Assortment of colors! I just love it! Its sorta' like an orange yellow and purple mix.

Clothing: Sorta like a jumpsuit which I love! The colors are red and purple. Each doll has a belt that says "Pow". She also has a red cape to spice it up! Her power is Flight!

Accessories: Her own minion, and the cardboard layout that leads to a virtual world!

Thanks for reading!

I own nothing. No copyright Intended.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another Dolly Review!

                                                                   Bratz Doll Review

                I haven't done a doll review in a LONG time so, here it is! I will be doing bratz action hero's Yasmin. Bratz Action Hero's are the bratz girls saving the world from an evil woman! They've made a comic and a game with it that i will talk about later in this review so, as always, I hope you enjoy this review! I would also like to say thank you for the 17 views! I know its not alot but im just grateful you come and visit my blogs and read them or whatever you do to them! Just thank you so much! Hopefully we will get more! As always, I am NincaVlogBlogs and I am out!


 This is Yasmin! As you know, each doll/character has their own power. Yasmin has Super Twirl! Defeats anyone in her path! Lets get to the description!

   Makeup: Assortment of colors! Bright, enthusiastic , definitely  fits her! Orange , pink , and yellow!

Clothing: She has a see through/ fishnet material connected to a cotton fabric that leads into a skirt with a Velcro belt that says "Pow". The colors are green, black, and pink with a little orange. She has tights that connect to the shoe that are pink and green. She also has an orange cape!

Shoes: Are see through at the bottom, and are many colors!

Accessories: She comes with her own minion which includes a cardboard layout with her name on it with a background. Thats where this app comes in. Scan the minion with the layout and watch the magic happen. They even have a demo so i will link the video and as usual, the bratz page.

Thats the review! I hope you enjoy! Dont forget to check out bratz! Tell them I sent you! <.< Nah don't but visit them! Links Below!

I own none of the pics nor links! No copyright intended.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

                                                              Hello I'm NincaVlogBlogs, and welcome to my Blog!

Hello there! I'm Ninca, the Vlog Blogger. I am interested in a ton of things which you can find on my profile! One thing I will blog about are Dolls (doll reviews). I will follow any request asked so enjoy! This is my FIRST doll review so I hope you enjoy every single bit of it.

                                                                   Bratz 2013 I'm taller Dolls: My 
                                                                                    Passion Sasha

Makeup: She has a purple eye shadow, with some pink out liner to spice it up. She has a purple lipstick on with a little shine to top it off. 

Facial: Her eyes are purple which is however, unusual. In the 2012 line, when they weren't tall, she had green eyes but for this line, it fits her perfectly.

Jewelry: Gold colored hoops that can be taken off and changed.

Clothing: Sasha wants to be a fashion designer so duh, she's going to have to wear AMAZING clothing. She's wearing a long sleeved dress. The sleeves are yellow with purple polka dots that connects to a aqua shirt with yellow dots. That also connects to a skirt that's purple with black stripes with a knot tied to the side. Its connected with a black Velcro belt. she has no tights, as they painted the legs black. Her shoes are purple with a light browns and black laces with a black heel.

Accessories: A bratz purple brush, bag, water bottle, and display and measuring tape.

Sasha is definitely  going to rock her designs!

Check bratz Out! 

I dont own none of these photos. No copyright intended. (I aslso dont own that link. Just giving bratz some more fans. :3)

                                                                                                                                            xoxo NincaVlogBlogs!